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Show your candidates what you are doing!

Show everyone that you are an active company, never standing still. This is not a part where you should brag about your achievements as a company, rather focus on keeping it personal.

Example of topics:

  • Present new employees
  • Updates from social events (ex. Monday meetings, kick-offs, fika etc.)
  • Present extraordinary events (ex. team finishing a great project, take a picture, write a line and make them proud of them self)

With this channel you will be able to reach your employees ex-colleagues or study buddies.

NOTE 1: The blog is optional

NOTE 2: You do not have to update your blog as often as you might think. 3-4 times/year is enough. Something is better than nothing!


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Laten we samen werven en uw volgende collega vinden.

  • Annelies Dubel
  • Carlijn Tempelaars
  • Emma Daanen
  • Ferry van Halem
  • Floor Borgonjen
  • Janne Zengerink
  • Jolijn de Roode
  • Karlijn de Boer
  • Mark Hakhof
  • Marlise van der Plas

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